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Kindergarten Information

Jackson County Kindergarten Round Ups

The dates listed below may not be taking place due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however schools are doing online registration.  Please call each school directly or visit their website to find out more information. 



Date(s) and Time(s)

Young Fives?


(517) 592-6632

Columbia Elementary- 320 School St., Brooklyn, MI 49230

Thursday, March 19, 6:00-7:30 PM



(517) 624-6650

Concord Elementary- 405 S. Main St., Concord, MI 49237

Wednesday, March 25, 6:00 PM


da Vinci

(517) 780-9980

da Vinci Primary School

559 Murphy Street

Jackson, MI 49202

Friday, May 1st, time TBA


East Jackson

(517) 764-1810

East Jackson Elementary- 3430 Walz Rd., Jackson, MI 49201

Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th 8:30-3:30 PM


Francis Street Primary

(517) 879-1380

School located at 1320 Francis St., Jackson, MI 49203

Call 517-879-1380 between 9 AM-4 PM, Mon.-Fri. or stop in to the school Mon.-Fri 10 AM-3 PM. Can also enroll online here


Grass Lake

(517) 867-5590

George Long Elementary School 829 S. Union Street Grass Lake, MI 49240

Thursday, March 19th - By Appointment Call (517) 867-5590 to schedule an appointment.



(517) 563-0103

Hanover-Horton Elementary- 131 Fairview St. Hanover, MI 49241

Parent Meeting- Tuesday, April 14th at 7:30 PM. Round Up - Wednesday April 22nd and Thursday April 23rd from 9 AM-12:00 PM. 


Jackson Public- Bennett/Northeast Bennett children being moved to Northeast 2020-2021 School Year (517) 841-2500

Northeast Elementary - 1024 Fleming Avenue Jackson, MI

Thursday, April 23rd, 5:30-7:00 PM


Jackson Public- Dibble

Dibble Elementary- 3450 Kibby Rd., Jackson, MI 49203

Wednesday, April 15th, 5:30 PM


Jackson Public- Frost/Cascades

Frost Elementary- 1226 S. Wisner St., Jackson, MI 49203

Thursday, April 14th, 5:30 PM


Jackson Public- Hunt

Hunt Elementary- 1143 N. Brown St., Jackson, MI 49202

Wednesday, April 22nd, 9:30 AM


Jackson Public- Montessori

Moving to Bennett 2020-2021 school year. Bennett children moving to Northeast (517) 841-2730

Bennett Elementary 820 Bennett St., Jackson, MI

Monday, April 20th, 5:30 PM at Bennett

Mixed Age Curriculum

Jackson Public- Sharp Park

(517) 841-2860

Sharp Park Academy- 766 Park Rd., Jackson, MI 49203

Thursday, April 16th, 5:30 PM


Michigan Center

(517) 764-5700

Arnold Elementary School- 4065 Page Ave., Michigan Center, MI 49254

Thursday April 16th, 6:00-7:00 PM    Registrations can be picked up in the school office or done online at 



(517) 536-8667

Ezra Eby Elementary 168 West Street Napoleon, MI 49261 Open enrollment starting Feb 1-Feb 28. Must complete an online registration form.  Visit and click on online student enrollment. If you do not have internet access, Ezra Eby Elementary has computers available to use on school days between 9:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM



(517) 817-4705

Northwest Early Elementary- 3735 Lansing Ave., Jackson MI 49202

Parent Meeting- March 24th, 9:30 AM or 5:30 PM


Tuesday, April 14th 9AM-12:30PM, Wednesday, April 15th 9AM-12:30PM & 4 PM-6:00 PM  Thursday, April 16th 9:00AM-12:30 PM



(517) 750-9500

3750 McCain Road Jackson, MI 49203

Parent Meeting- February 18th, 6:00-7:00 PM                                    School Lottery, March 11th, 3:30 PM



(517) 857-3465

Springport Elementary- 300 W. Main St., Springport, MI 49284

Tuesday, March 24th

5:30-7:00 PM


Vandercook Lake

(517) 784-6133

Townsend Elementary- 1005 Floyd Ave., Jackson, MI 49203

Thursday, April 9th 5:30 PM



Bean (517) 841-8400

Parma (517) 841-8600

Warner (517) 841-8500

Bean Elementary- 3201 Noble Rd., Spring Arbor, MI 49283

Parma Elementary- 385 Elizabeth St., Parma, MI 49269

Warner Elementary- 118 Star Rd., Spring Arbor, MI 49283

All Elementary Schools

Thursday, April 9th, 7:00 PM            Western Community Arts Center at Western High School  1400 S. Dearing Road, Parma, MI


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Jackson County Preschool Hotline: 517-768-5130

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